The Future is Near!

Read about our official announcement at the 2019 NARS summit!

Osrie K
2019-04-20 17:00:06 | Category 1

Repo Coin announced exciting news at this year’s NARS summit. The North American Repossessors Summit (NARS) is an annual 2-day conference hosted by American Recovery Association (ARA) in Irving, TX. Professionals from all over the country gather to discuss ideas, challenges and issues within the recovery and remarketing industry. Repo Coin was proud to be a part of an environment that fosters open and collaborative alliances between the top business professionals throughout the industry.

Members of the Repo Coin team unveiled the new blockchain technology with details on what the very near future holds for our project. This includes potential partnerships with drivers, forwarders and lenders. Collaborations with large data companies are also in the works as we move forward with our efforts. Through these relationships, we hope to advance innovative technologies that bring efficiency and positive change to the recovery industry. Pending anticipated legal clearances, the final version of the revolutionary app is scheduled to drop later this year!

Our team is working passionately behind the scenes to deliver the best possible product to the public. We cannot wait to share with you this technology that makes the concept of scanning plates and earning Repo Coins a reality! The end of the tunnel is near, and we see the light. Stay tuned.

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