Breaking the Crypto Norms

Learn why our project was made for everyone!

Osrie K
2018-04-15 17:30:30 | Category 1

Scrolling through accounts of cryptocurrency influencers on Instagram tells you one thing: the cryptocurrency market is strictly reserved for the rich and famous. Right? Wrong. Repo Blockchain aims to bring the world of crypto to the regular guy, for free. Our users can earn tokens in so many ways, making REPO available to everyone. This is a great way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, from beginners to those more experienced.

We made the very important decision to not fund our project through a traditional ICO. Instead, we wanted to allow our participants to earn their tokens. There are many ways to do this. Right now, you can enter our Telegram Airdrop for a chance at 100,000 REPOs. Be sure to fill out the form, follow the rules and add your comments and posts to the Telegram chat. You earn tokens just by posting! Be sure to check back daily for future giveaways.

Our pending app will give you even more opportunities to earn tokens. Once it’s available, you can download the app for more tokens. You’ll then be rewarded for using the app when you participate in our Repo project. We’re working on partnerships with leaders in the auto finance industry to make earning tokens as easy as going out for a walk. Learn more about this exciting new program here.

So now that you know the many ways you can earn tokens, you may want to know what to do with all of them. Well, get cool stuff, of course! Use those tokens to grab one of the hot items on our site, like digital gift cards and gaming systems. Simply choose a product that you wish to redeem, and then follow the steps required to ensure availability and delivery.  

Our goal was to slash the stigma of the out-of-reach cryptocurrency market, and reward our loyal users for their participation. Through our continued commitment to our mission, we hope to bring you a little closer to your cryptocurrency dreams.

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